I am an active member of the Pocket Autopatch System (PAPA), American Relay League (ARRL) , the Big Bear Amateur Radio Club, CNARN and the ARRL.                                                                              

I started playing with CB radios at the age of twelve. My first CB radio was the GE and the KRACO, then came the midland 120 channels with FM capability. My first power supply was a commercial 12 volt battery hooked up to a battery charger. In the 70's we had a CB group named HELPAC (Highway Emergency Land Patrol Auxiliary Citizens). We had a base station on control of our mobile stations  while doing road assistance every Friday Evening. We also help in road traffic during holidays and All Saints Day. It was fun helping motorist get back on the road so that they can proceed to their respective destinations.

In 1970, I got my Ham Radio License (DU1ALR) in the Philippines and was very much involve in experimenting HF,VHF and UHF antennas. Now that I am in the United States, I got my Technician License and then my General License KJ6RAY, February 2, 2010 and now having fun with my D-Star, HF's, my dual band radios and DMR radios.

Antenna building and experimenting was my favorite. I remember way back when I used to climb my tower early morning when everything is calm and no winds, it was fun. I build my own multi-band wire antenna which I used for my HF radio. They are simple but they work well.

 Now I am involved with DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) which is on the Mototrbo system. 

At present, I am a dealer of DMR and analog radios and you can visit my website at www.raynetcomm.com

 Come and enjoy my site.